"Where Love Makes the Difference"

Canaan Community Church is a non-denominational Christian Church which seeks to bring value to everyone with which we come in contact. We believe that the Bible calls us to love all of God's people, God loves us unconditionally and we seek to love the same way. 


To SHARE the love of Christ, SHOW the love of Christ and BE SHAPED by the love of Christ. 


The Grand Vision of Canaan Community Church is to be a faithful community of people loving the WHOLE person for their WHOLE life!


1. God wants to restore us to right relationship
with our authentic selves, our families, our
communities as well as with Himself.

2. God wants to transform us emotionally,
physically, economically, socially and

3. God does not just offer mercy alone, but
undergirds that mercy with justice.

4. God's people must live Jesus' example of

5. God's people must become one with our
neighbors so there is no longer us and them
but only we, so the community can prosper.