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U call that church?

Posted by Canaan Community Church on June 24, 2012 at 9:25 PM
Well, today we got up early to be at an African Orthodox Church this morning at 6am dressed in traditional Gabi's owhich are cotton material you user, women cover their heads. Also since this church is a Judaeo-Christian church (Jews and Christians together) the men and women sat in opposite sides of the church. Also the church was setup as a Jewish temple complete with the Hokiest of Holies behind a veil where only the priests were allowed to go! The service was in Ahmaric (language of Ethiopia) & Hebrew language of Israel. I didn't understand a word but I felt the presence of God and the sincerity of the people in worship. I know what most of you are thinking, You call that church? Well I might not but to the hundreds of people there they definitely would! And I'm sure God is satisfied with that as much as he is with our time together as well. Well after a sad but encouraging goodbye with Dr. Jember we loaded up and headed to the airport, besides a flat tire (Pastor Gordon's car) we had an uneventful journey and have landed in Nairobi, Kenya! Tomorrow we visit the slum of Geberra (largest slum in the world) 1million and a half people living in extreme poverty. We will be visiting Patoea and churches who have moved into the slum to serve, live with, and love on their neighbors! I am humbled and excited about the opportunity. Til next time, Pastah J

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